Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Chains (A Prayer for the Persecuted Church)"

Garden Rose Music

CHAINS (A Prayer for the Persecuted Church
by Mary Rose Jensen

Lord, we remember the chains of Your friends
Suffering for witness to life without end.
Christ, Your sorrow brought joy and release
So, in their chains, give them peace.

Lord, we remember the chains that now bind
Those who are tortured in body and mind.
Christ, Your rising gives hope for our plea
So, from their chains, set them free.

God, protect and defend the accused.
Give them courage when they are abused.
Keep them faithful when tragedies fall and
Show them Your love most of all.

Lord, we remember the chains that distress.
May Your church prosper, though under duress.
Christ, Your kingdom defeats every foe
So, by the chains may it grow.

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