Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Come and Sing "

Garden Rose Music

by Mary Rose Jensen

Alleluia! The friends of our Lord searched His tomb.
He was gone and they trembled in fear.
Then an angel proclaimed this most joyous good news:
"He's alive, do not look for Him here!"

Come and sing that our Christ is now risen!
Come and join in a chorus of praise.
Alleluia, our God is victorious.
Rejoice in His wonderful ways.

Alleluia! We're free from the burden of sin.
For our Savior took that to the cross.
Then in rising He proved He was worthy to bear
all the guilt of our judgment and loss.


Alleluia! No other could do what Christ did.
He was dead but now lives once again.
He will raise His believers in just the same way.
We'll be glorified, living with Him.


Words And Music © 1994 Garden Rose Music
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