Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "God Whose Angels Praise Your Holiness "

Garden Rose Music

I said, "Lord, be merciful to me, Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You." Ps. 41:4

Words by Mary Rose Jensen

God Whose angels praise Your holiness,
I have wandered from Your ways.
In my thinking, words and actions
I have failed to bring You praise.
Lord, be merciful, heal this sinner,
Guide my steps through all my days.

God Whose love is strong and infinite,
I am weak in loving You
And my neighbors, whom You've given
I neglect to care for, too.
Lord, be merciful, heal this sinner,
Give me love in all I do.

God Who knows my inmost being,
I can never hide from You.
If I come, my sins confessing,
You forgive the wrong I do.
Lord, be merciful, heal this sinner;
Cleanse my heart and make it new.

Words © 2000 Garden Rose Music
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Tune: RESTORATION, Traditional American melody (from Walker's The Southern Harmony, 1835), alt. & arr. MRJ
CCLI # 3433834

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