Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Jesus, Our Prophet, Priest and King "

Garden Rose Music

...His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness,
through the true knowledge of Him who called us...II Peter 1:3

by Mary Rose Jensen

How could the Father tell of His love
When our hearts refused to hear?
In the body of man, God spoke His Word.
Jesus our Prophet makes it clear.

How could the Father welcome us home
When we were so full of sin?
In the body of man, God's Son was killed
Jesus our Priest now brings us in.

How could the Father rule over death
When we were condemned to die?
In the body of man, Christ rose again.
Jesus our King now reigns on high.

How could we ask for anything more
When God gives us everything?
We have all we could need when we have Christ
Jesus our Prophet, Priest and King.

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