Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "The Living Lord Jesus "

Garden Rose Music

Words by Mary Rose Jensen

The living Lord Jesus came forth Sunday morning
From death which He suffered because of our sin.
Disciples were grieving, then angels reported
To Mary that Christ was alive once again.
They said, “Why do you look for Him in the graveyard?
For He is no longer found here with the dead.
The One Whom you’re seeking has proved He’s immortal.
The living Lord Jesus rose just as He said.”

The living Lord Jesus walked with two disciples
As they were discussing the One Who had died.
Although they could see Him, they’d not recognized Him
And mourned for their Prophet Who’d been crucified.
Then Jesus explained to them how all of scripture was
Telling of Him and their hearts burned inside.
As they ate together the two then realized that
The living Lord Jesus had walked by their sides.

The living Lord Jesus appeared to His people
When they were most fearful and hiding away.
He gave them His greeting, His coming was peaceful.
He showed them the nailholes where He’d suffered pain.
Then Thomas the doubter proclaimed his confession,
“My Lord and My God,” for He saw and had faith.
When hundreds had seen Him and heard His last teachings
The living Lord Jesus ascended to reign.

Words © 2000 Garden Rose Music
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Tune: "THE ASH GROVE" Traditional Welsh tune
CCLI # 3498518

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