Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Send Us on Your Way

Garden Rose Music

by Mary Rose Jensen

Through the world's confusion, we hear a hopeful sound:
Stories you have given tell peace and joy are found
In the One who rose again when death had had its day.
We can travel bravely for He has been this way.
Knowing You have loved us so, we come to You and pray:

Send us on Your way.
Show us how to walk in grace.
Keep us on the road of holy faith.
Send us on Your way.

If the world were perfect, not damaged in the fall,
If our hearts were holy, not selfish, hard and small,
We would see You constantly, not just through eyes of faith.
We would love you fully, not struggle to obey.
Knowing life is as it is, we come to You and pray:


In how we live, may we acknowledge You,
Loving Your law, seeking Your truth.


Words And Music © 2000 Garden Rose Music
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