Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "As You Remind Us "

Garden Rose Music

by Mary Rose Jensen

As You remind us of Your grace to us, O God,
We thank You for Your mighty sacrifice.
The bread, the body of our Lord
The cup, the blood poured out
The great atonement granting us eternal life.

As You renew Your covenant with us, O God,
We thank You for the sacrament You give.
The sign of what our Lord has done
The seal that it is ours
Confirming to Your people that through Christ we live.

As we join saints and angels in Your praise, O God,
We thank You for our presence at Your throne.
We lift our hearts to You, our King.
We lift our hopes and prayers.
We worship You, proclaiming You are God alone.

As we take nourishment from this, Your feast, O God,
We thank You for the means of grace You give.
Your Spirit teaches us to love.
Your Spirit helps us serve.
Your Spirit keeps us faithful in the lives we live.

Words And Music © 2004 Garden Rose Music
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