Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Faith, Hope and Love "

Garden Rose Music

Words and Music by Mary Rose Jensen

Jesus, strengthen the faith You have given to us.
Keep us sure of Your mercy and might.
When trials and temptations are so hard to bear
May we trust that Your just rule is right.

Jesus, strengthen the hope we have found in Your Word.
Keep us sure we will rise up with You.
When darkness and discouragement are all around
May we think on the wonders You do.

Jesus, strengthen the love You have put in our hearts.
Keep us sure that Your pathways are true.
When anger and indifference are what we find
May we show to the world love from You.

Jesus, praise be to You for Your work on the cross
And to You, Holy Spirit of God.
And praise to You Our Father, Holy Trinity,
You have given us faith, hope and love.

And the greatest of these is the love.

Words and music © 2003
Garden Rose Music
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