Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "GETHSEMANE'S GARDEN "

Garden Rose Music

Words by Mary Rose Jensen

In Gethsemane's Garden, the grief of the Son
As He prayed to the Father, "May Your will be done,"
Caused great drops of blood to appear on His head,
For He knew the next day He would surely be dead.

But His sorrow was greatest because He would pay
To redeem all His people who would not obey.
The sins of the world on this innocent One
Soon would make God the Father abandon His Son.

O how great was the suffering our Lord chose to bear,
Which He saw as He struggled alone in His prayer.
Though ten thousand angels could rescue the Son,
He accepted the cup for the joy that would come.

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Tune: IMANDRA, Ananias Davisson (1780 - 1857)

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