Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Hear the People Singing "

Garden Rose Music

Words and Music by Mary Rose Jensen

Hear the people singing, "Save us! Hosanna our King!"
See the waving branches; oh, what a welcoming!
As the Lord entered in to Jerusalem His people lined the way.
Confident and joyful; Jesus was coming to save.

Hear the people singing, "Blessed is He Who comes!"
See them pay Him homage, calling Him David's Son.
As the Lord entered in to Jerusalem His people thought they knew
How their King would save them, what the Messiah would do.

Hear the people shouting, "He should be crucified!"
See them all desert Him, few even cared if He died.
On a cross, on a hill, near Jerusalem their King was cruelly slain.
Though He was not guilty, He willingly suffered pain.

Hear your people praying, "Lord, save us now from our sin.
See Your great atonement, not our corruption within.
As we look forward to new Jerusalem and Your triumphant Day.
Keep us always mindful, Lord, of what You had to pay."

Words and music © 1995
Garden Rose Music
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