Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "O Lord, You Search and Know Me "

Garden Rose Music

Words by Mary Rose Jensen

O Lord, You search and know me, You know each move I make.
You understand my thinking and every step I take.
You comprehend the pathways I take to go or come.
You know the word Iím saying before itís on my tongue.

O Lord, You search and know me, You lay Your hand on me.
Before me and behind me are hedges I canít see.
Such knowledge is too wondrous for me to reach its height.
I cannot understand it, but praise You with delight.

Where can I flee Your Spirit? Or go away from You?
If I ascend to heaven, Your presence is there, too.
And if I make my bed in the deepest part of hell
I canít escape your presence for You are there as well.

If I take wings of morning and dwell beyond the sea,
Your right hand tightly holds me; Your hand will surely lead.
If I say, ďIím in darkness,Ē then night will be made light.
The day and night both shining; to You they are alike.

O Lord, You search and know me, You formed my inward parts.
Within my motherís body You wove my bones and heart.
I praise You for my making. My soul knows very well
How wonderfully Iím fashioned. Your handiwork excels.

My frame was never hidden from You when I was made.
Your eyes saw all my substance before I knew a day.
And in Your book were written the days ordained for me.
Though I had not yet lived them, You knew what they would be.

How precious also are all Your thoughts, O God, to me.
The sum of them is great as the sand beside the sea.
In truth, if I should count them, their number would be more.
When I awake I know I am still with You, O Lord.

O that You'd slay the wicked and keep them far away.
O God they speak against You and take Your name in vain.
These men of blood and murder defy you with their crimes.
I hate those, Lord, who hate You; Your enemies are mine.

I ask that You would search me and know what's in my heart
When I am being tested and when my worries start.
O God, see if You find any wicked way in me
And lead me in the pathway to You eternally.

Words © 2000 Garden Rose Music, verses 8, 9 © 2010 Garden Rose Music
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Tune: COMPLAINER, William Walker (1809-1875) from Southern Harmony 1835
CCLI # 3428966

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