Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "Our Father "

Garden Rose Music

Words by Mary Rose Jensen

Our Father Who is in heaven,
Your Name be most revered.
Your Kingdom be extended
With those who do Your will.
As in the courts of heaven,
May our rebellion cease.
In hearts, the church and nations
Fill all the earth with peace.

O God, our Sovereign Savior,
We come before Your throne.
We bring You our petitions
Though all our needs are known.
For food to feed our bodies,
Forgiveness for our souls.
As we forgive each other,
We ask Your grace be shown.

When worldly falsehoods beckon,
Keep us from leaving You.
Deliver us from evil
And strengthen us in truth.
For Yours is all the kingdom,
Your power will endure,
Your glory is forever,
Your victory is sure.


Words © 2000 Garden Rose Music
P.O. Box 16040 Sugar Land, TX 77496
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Tune: "Blow the Candles Out," 18th century English folk song
CCLI # 3433889

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