Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "What Happened in Bethlehem "

Garden Rose Music

by Mary Rose Jensen

What happened in Bethlehem changes the world.
A baby born there seemed like millions before.
His mother was Mary, a virgin, still pure.
His Father was God, the Creator, the Lord.
His birthplace, a town unimportant and small.
His shelter, a stable for animals there.
His bed was a trough where those beasts had been fed
And plain strips of cloth were what He had to wear.

What happened in Bethlehem changes the world.
The King of the universe lived here on earth.
Though He was far richer than anyone else
He chose to be humble and poor in His birth.
Hed cared for His people for thousands of years,
But they had rebelled and rejected His ways.
Instead of harsh punishment richly deserved,
His promised redemption would soon be in place.

What happened in Bethlehem changes the world.
Gods Word in the flesh made the prophecies clear.
He called for the people to come follow Him
And preached that the kingdom of heaven was near.
This kingdom was nothing like any on earth,
Not weapons, but sacrifice caused it to spread.
For Jesus the sinless One died for our crimes
And gave us new life when He rose from the dead.

What happened in Bethlehem changes the world.
The people of God are still following Christ.
And though we forget Him and stumble around
He picks us up safely and gives us His light.
The woes of our planet, with hunger and wars
Are lessened by those who will love as He said.
For those who seek heaven bring grace to the earth
And those who love Jesus will rise from the dead.

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