Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "When Wise Men from Eastern Lands Followed a Star "

Garden Rose Music

Words by Mary Rose Jensen

When wise men from eastern lands followed a star
The road they were taking was lengthy and hard.
The gifts they were bringing were bought at great cost.
The child they were seeking gave hope for the lost.

The signs in the heavens told wonderful truth
To those who could read them, most joyful good news.
They knew that a king had been born far away
So glorious and mighty that they must obey.

This sovereign was Holy, Creator of all.
So these wise men worshipped Him though He was small.
And when they returned to the land of their birth
The Gospel began its spread through all the earth.

Today, wisest people seek this Holy One
And worship that baby, Christ Jesus, God's Son.
And still true believers take stories of Christ
Wherever they go, for He gives light and life.

Words © 2005 Garden Rose Music
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Tune: "The Grenadier and the Lady," Traditional English folk song.
CCLI # 4576642

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