Garden Rose Music--Lyrics for "In Bethlehem

Garden Rose Music

by Mary Rose Jensen

Angels sing, shepherds rejoice,
Wise men follow a star.
Why all the signs in Bethlehem?
Who knows what the meanings are?
Quietly a child is born
Who was there when the world was formed.
Whose mother had known no man
In the working of God's own hand.

How can it be? God here with us?
In a body we see.
Tiny and frail, able to die,
Veiling His divinity.
Listen as a baby cries
Who is Lord of the earth and skies.
Who is Israel's promised one.
Who left all to be Mary's son.

Why has He come? God in the flesh?
Why would He suffer pain?
Surely His love carried Him here.
A love for us that will not change.

Words And Music © 2004 Garden Rose Music
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